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Margin Impact prior to placing a trade/order

The Trade Ticket in SaxoTrader shows you a preview of the impact on your available margin if you make the trade.

In the Trade Ticket in the SaxoTrader platform, Margin impact bars are available for all Forex, Forex Options, CFDs and futures in the Trade Ticket. These Margin indicators show at a glance:

  • how much margin you have available
  • the margin impact of making the trade: Current Margin Available – Margin Available after trade

Margin available
The maximum length of the bars represents the total margin available for margin trading.

Note: If you have multiple accounts, the available margin is from all the accounts that share margin, not just the account you are trading from.

Margin impact
For the selected trade amount, the length of the blue progress bar indicates how much of your available margin will be used by the trade. The amount and the base currency is also noted inside the bars.
Insufficient Margin
If insufficient margin is available to make the trade the bar will be shown in red.

Margin Release
A trade which has a positive impact on your available margin (such as a closing trade) will be marked with a minus sign and the progress bar will be empty. In this example, selling the instrument will close a position and release 24,433.81 EUR of margin.

Full description of the Margin Impact of making a trade is attached to this article.


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